The question of how to wear a cape appears to come around every autumn.
Capes are not only a stylish alternative to coats, they can also be a cosy addition to season staples.
You’ll be surprised at how versatile the cape can be in your daily mix. Not only is a chunky, oversized cape cosy
and completely appropriate for fall, the accessory is great for layering and adding texture to your look.

The magic word: layering!

Just what does one wear underneath?
And at what time of the year is it most usable?
We have gathered the best streetstyles to give you an answer to all
styling questions.

Cape + Waist Belt

Cape + Over-the-knee Boots


Cape + Sneaker

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Cape + Bold Stripes

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Cape + Cargo Pants


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Ann Cape €19,95


Gradient Cape €19,95