Want to stand out from the crowd this spring and summer? Go for the dark florals! We will show you how to style this stylish print…

One of the most fun ways to wear the dark floral this season is to wear it all-over. Yes, just florals… A really easy way to do this is to just wear a dress with a dark floral print. Want to be a bit more edgy? Go for a top and bottom with the same vibrant print. This will give you some turning heads, guaranteed!

Let one of your items speak for itself with dark florals. Wear it with another bright colour just like shown below. Really want to complement the colourful print? Pick a colour in the print that match it with your top or bottom. Put some shoes on and you are ready to go!

If you want to let the print shine for itself, then just finish your outfit with some neutral colours. Think of white, black and grey. These colours will always go with a fun and bright print.

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